Drew has an addiction to lemonade, and participates in major league gaming, master of quickscoping!
Drew's Mad Paintball Description

Drew mpb

Drew True

Character stats
Class Sniper
Life Points 35 HP
Walk Speed 20
Max Damage 100 - 170
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 0.6 Shots/s
Requirements Premium Character
Cost 2,800 ROBUX

Level 25

  • +10% Health Recovery

Level 50

  • +14% Life Points

Level 75

  • +5% Walk Speed

Level 99

  • -29% Reload Duration

Drew is a Premium sniper class character in Mad Paintball, and is a Tier 4 character in Mad Games.


Drew is a white male with the Drool face and brown Politician hair. He wears a bright green, short-sleeved Mountain Dew shirt, with blue pants, and brown shoes. An orange traffic cone sits on top of his head.

Paintball Stats

  • Drew is tied for the lowest base health of all characters in the game along with Julie. However, when at Level 50, his HP will increase to 40.
    • This makes Julie the character with the lowest health (if all upgrades are applied).
    • He, still however can be killed by a fully charged Signe.
  • Drew has low sniping damage, which is enough to kill a Zero and a Level 50 Peter.
  • Drew is the fastest sniper with a walk speed of 20 (21 at Level 75).

Gameplay Tips

  • Drew is very vulnerable against all damage, especially riflemen. Many rifle class characters can kill him in a single hit from medium range just by firing in his general direction.
  • Drew's brightly colored attire and tall cone hat may make hiding difficult. Try to find a spot out of plain sight, such as the tall tower in Badlands.
  • To become less vulnerable, and less predictable, just switch sniping places often.


  • Drew is Australian, and so is his sister, Dori.
  • Drew may have 170 max damage because a normal Mountain Dew can has 170 calories.
  • Drew is now in The Mad Murderer after being added in the newest update.
  • Drew once had 40 health, 10 walk speed, damage of 100-325, & fire rate of 0.4, but got changed in the December update.
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