Dennis mpb

Dennis tp

Character stats
Class Minigun
Life Points 185 HP
Walk Speed 11
Max Damage 17-18
Clip Size 75
Fire Rate 22 Shots/s
Requirements * Own Characters: Julie and Martin
  • Character Level Total: 175
Cost (original cost) 240,000 Credits

(New cost) 120,000 Credits

Level 25

  • +20% Health Recovery

Level 50

  • +11% Accuracy

Level 75

  • +25% Maximum Distance

Level 99

  • +15% Lethal Distance

Dennis is an unlockable minigun class character in Mad Paintball.

He is one of the few characters to be 50% off. The rest are Jack, Martin, and Tyler.


Dennis is a white male with brown hair. He wears a grey skater hat, a red sweater with white winter designs, a backpack around it and a gold chain necklace, with black pants and red and black shoes saying "OSIRIS". Dennis has the Heeey face.

Paintball Abilities

  • Dennis has a good effective range that is better than most of the minigunners.
  • Pretty high health stat combined with good health recovery which is further boosted at level 25.
  • Fastest fire rate out of all characters that empties his clip size fast.
  • Greatest accuracy for a minigunner.
  • Small magazine size, and poor damage to balance out his fire rate.
  • Slow reload which leaves him helpless against opponents.


"Dennis is the sworn protector of Julie. The two have known since childhood, but he didn't know the fact Julie had stalked him for years until they moved together."


  • Dennis appears in the game the Mad Murderer.
  • In the menu picture on Dennis (shown on the right), Julie can be seen hiding in the rocks stalking him with a camera.
  • His fire rate got buffed from 8 Shot/s to 22 Shot/s per second during the character stats update, making him from the slowest shooting minigunner to the fastest shooting character in the entire game.
  • He, like in The Mad Murderer is most likely dating Julie too, taking a peek at earlier thumbnails of the famous game that came before Paintball. Dennis is said to enjoy Julie's company, even if she is very cowardly and moons over him insanely. He is into her and will do anything to help her, promising to team with her and be her shield - her only needed guardian.
    • As well as this, few people on social media sites and fan fiction webs create stories about how they are shipped with Dennis and other well-known characters.
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