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Darkness II
Created date: 1/30/2014
Developer(s) loleris
MAD Studio
Genre(s) Horror
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Like its predecessor, Darkness II is a survival horror game developed by Loleris and the MAD Studio group. It is a sequel to the first game.


Darkness II is quite similar to the first game in terms of basic gameplay. It consists of a max of 19 survivors and an antagonist, that being a creature simply called the Beast. The Beast is a transparent individual that can blend in with the dark shadows of the map with ease. He is equipped with a scythe as a weapon to kill off all the survivors with. In return, the survivors must work together to kill the Beast.

The game is complete with 3 maps. Medkits, Force Field Units, Night vision Batteries, and various types of guns are scattered across these maps that the survivors can pick up in advance to kill the Beast or aid themselves with.

There may also be a Juggernaut among the survivors-- this lucky and randomly-chosen player is generally the most powerful of them all. The Juggernaut is armed(upon spawning) with a Force Field Unit, a Medkit, a Night vision battery, and the Hyperlaser gun. The Juggernaut is typically relied on the most to both help the survivors, and heavily damage, if not kill, the Beast.

With no particular set timer for the game, the game ends with either the Beast killing the survivors, the survivors killing the Beast, the Beast running out of energy, or the Beast leaving the game entirely/resetting.

Game description

Do you have what it takes to face the beast himself? Of course you don't - he will be cutting off heads of people who wander away from the rest of the survivors. Not everyone will make it out alive.

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Map Makers: loleris, ZacAttackk, nettimato

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