Darkness I
Created date: 10/2/2013
Developer(s) loleris
MAD Studio
Genre(s) Horror
Game link
Darkness is a horror game developed by Loleris and the MAD Studio group. The game was created and officially released on October 2nd, 2013. The game received a sequel on the 30th of January, 2014.

Game description (link to the second game).


Darkness focuses around a singular antagonist called simply the Beast. The protagonists are the other players, or survivors. The survivors' objective is to either kill the Beast with the default provided weapon, a pistol, or the other guns that can be found in various places within the different maps.

The Beast's objective, however, is to kill the survivors. Being slightly transparent and dark in colour, he easily blends in with the shadows, and uses this fact to his adventage as a stealth tactic. He is armed with a red scythe and other abilities that may only be activated upon gaining enough energy to use them. The Beast also has an energy meter shown in percentage. It is constantly draining, but can be recharged by killing survivors. While in spectate mode after death, the players can view him and the meter. Sometimes instead of killing the Beast by shooting him, the players can simply stall him and starve him to death this way.

The game ends with either the survivors killing the Beast, the Beast killing the survivors, the Beast running out of energy, or the Beast leaving the game entirely/resetting.


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