Cupcake shotgun tilted
The Cupcake is a tier 2 shotgun in Mad Paintball 2.


It is a custom lever-action shotgun taking some inspiration from various real-life firearms, such as the RK-62 assault rifle and the M1887 and SPAS-12 shotguns.

It has a metal receiver held together by four metal pins on the sides, with the ejection port on the user's side of the weapon. The handguard is light pink and has Cupcake's logo on both sides, with the face towards the user of the gun. It has a purple wooden grip and brass lever user to cycle the gun. The stock of the gun is telescopic and has a spring to extend the shoulder pad away from the gun and to help absorb the recoil. A piece of cloth is wrapped over the static potion of the stock for a cheek guard. The ammunition feed system for the gun is rather unusual, since it looks like regular shotgun's ammunition tube, but it comes off with a simple twist and can be replaced like a magazine.


  • This is meant to be a signature weapon of Cupcake's, hence the name.