"Little cute Cupcake, innocent-looking but dangerous (and insane) shotgunner. She has a weird obsession with muffins, thinking she's a commander of a muffin army.."
- Cupcake's Mad Paintball 2 description
Character Information
Gender Female
Relations Walther (creator)
Jury Rigging Statistics
Mad Paintball Statistics (expand)
Mad Paintball Statistics (collapse)
Class Shotgun
Health 85 HP
Walk Speed 20
Max Damage 104 - 192
Clip Size 6
Fire Rate 1.5 Shots/s
Level 25 +8% Body Damage
+4% Headshot Damage
Level 50 +8% Body Damage
+4% Headshot Damage
Level 75 +5% Walk Speed
Level 99 +13% Bullets Per Shot

Cupcake is an unlockable shotgun class character in Mad Paintball, and is a craftable character in Jury Rigging.


Cupcake is a white female with short messy brown hair and a buck tooth. She wears a pair of glasses, a pink T-shirt with a pink smiling cupcake, blue pants, and pink Crocs.

Her appearance is based on LittleCuteCupcake.

Paintball Abilities

  • 8 bullets per shot.
  • She has second lowest health of all other shotgunners (after Lara) which means she has low durability. Because of her below average health, she has fast health recovery.
    • Her low health makes her a target of a Level 25 Adriel's headshot.
  • Cupcake's reload time is generally slow for a shotgunner.
  • She has bad accuracy for a shotgunner.
  • Her headshot damage is very high.
    • In theory, she can kill any non-minigunner character (except Martin; unless at Level 25) in one shot if she can score a good hit from point-blank range in the head.
  • Cupcake has the second highest Walkspeed past Level 75. (Tied with Level 75 Drew)


Cupcake was voiced by PrincessSkyler


  • To unlock her Grimdark form in Jury Rigging, enter the battlefield using her morph and any gun that shoots multiple projectiles at once.
  • Her fire rate got buffed from 1.3 Shots/s to 1.5 Shots/s and clip size got nerfed from 7 to 6 during the character stats update.
  • She owns a shotgun out of her namesake.
  • Her in-game model is missing the ahoge seen in the thumbnail.
  • Her hair, glasses, and face are not sold in the catalog.
    • This means that it is impossible to dress your avatar like Cupcake.
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