Relieable piece of antique.
- Colt's description in Mad Games
Service pistol that was so reliable it remained in service long after WWII. While it lacks nasty tricks, it deals good damage with great accuracy!
- Colt's description in Jury Rigging
Colt is a tier 2 revolver skin in Mad Games. It also appears in Jury Rigging as a tier 3 craftable ranged weapon and in Darkness 2 as the "Pistol", the standard weapon for survivors.


The Colt is based on M1911 handgun. It has a steel frame and a black plastic grip.


In Mad Games, it functions identically to every other revolver skin in the game, requiring reload between each shot but killing most targets in one hit.

In Jury Rigging, it occupies the ranged weapon slot and it can have several weapon skins applied to it. Statistically, it is a slightly improved Luger: an accurate pistol with fast-moving projectiles and slow reload time, but has larger ammo capacity and deals more damage. Unlike Luger, however, It will not slow enemy movement if hits them in the legs. Total material requirement:

  • 3 nuts n' bolts
  • 3 rolls of coil
  • 1 Luger
    • 2 armour plates
    • 3 plastic blocks
    • 1 Six shooter
      • 2 bags of gunpowder
      • 1 metal tube
      • 1 wooden plank

In Darkness 2, survivors start with this weapon and primarily serves as a backup weapon as soon as better weapons are found. After that, it may still come in handy while better guns are being reloaded or run out of ammunition. Its magazine capacity can be upgraded by two bullets with a game pass.

  • Damage: 4-5
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-auto
  • Reload time: 2.5 seconds
  • Ammo per reload: 8 - 10
  • Ammo reserve: Infinite