Chazz mpb

Chazz tp

Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 165 HP
Walk Speed 16
Max Damage 23-28
Clip Size 40
Fire Rate 3.6 Shots/s
Requirements Owned at start of game.
Cost None.

Level 25

  • +4% Body Damage
  • +4% Headshot Damage

Level 50

  • +2% Walk Speed

Level 75

  • +14% Projectile Velocity

Level 99

  • +50% Health Recovery

Chazz is a starter rifle class character in Mad Paintball.


Chazz is a white female with blonde hair with pink tips.

She wears a large red cap covering her eyes, a black bra with a gray cropped tank top, light gray sweatpants and brown UGGs.

Chazz has the I Didn't Eat That Cookie face.

Paintball Abilities

  • Chazz has relatively large ammo capacity and surprisingly high accuracy regardless of her personality and character selection icon.
  • She has average health which is shared with Peter, and Tom.
  • She also has average speed which is shared with Peter, Susan, Tony and Zero.
  • In level 99 comparison to Peter, she has slightly more speed and faster projectiles, but deals less damage on long ranges and has less health. She also has higher health recovery than Peter at level 99.
    • This more or less makes her the speedier counterpart to Peter.


"Chazz has a serious problem with walking into things... She thinks she's blind but hasn't realized she is simply wearing a cap three sizes too large for her head!"


  • In one of the Mad Murderer thumbnails, Chazz is seen holding Tom hostage on a target and using him for target practice with her knives. Chazz's paintball portrait has the exact same target in the background.
  • Originally, it was intended so that there would be one of each class as starter characters. Chazz was meant to be a minigunner and Summer was meant to be a sniper.
  • She is the only starter character to have a signature weapon.
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