The sniper rifle class is one of four weapon categories in Mad Paintball.

Characters that represent this class are typically slow and vulnerable. Apart from a level-99 Julie, all snipers have clip size of 1. Typically, the sniper class has quickly traveling projectiles, excellent accuracy, and no damage alteration on long shots.

All snipers have a scope that aids aiming over long distances, typically at the cost of movement speed and vision radius. As an additional benefit for zooming in, most snipers can charge their shots (indicated by the yellow bar by the crosshair) for additional damage; this excludes Signe and Adriel, as Signe deals more damage on a lower charge, and Adriel lacks a charge bar. Zooming in also enables snipers to deal critical headshots, dealing major damage to any opponent.


  • Excluding Axel, Drew, Harry, Red, and Julie, all snipers have a unique firing sound. This class has the most characters with a unique firing sound out of all characters in the class.  The minigun class has the fewest.
  • The first ever sniper was Harry.
  • You can't scope on mobile
  • all Snipers Except Keith, Drew, Red, and Axel get a Walkspeed-while-Scoped upgrade at Level 50.

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