Bloxy Cola is a habit-forming soft drink in Roblox. It can be acquired as an accessory in the Mad Murderer, a gear in Mad Games and a tier 1 support item in Jury Rigging. The player can sip on the refreshing soda at any time in each round, omitting an "ahhh" from the player when done. It also heals the player by a few hit points after each time used in Jury Rigging.


"The most refreshing accessory!" - the Mad Murderer


  • Originally, it could be rented for 10 credits per round in the Mad Murderer, but can only be unlocked permanently for 200 credits now.
  • It costs 100 coins in Mad Games.
  • In Jury Rigging, they can be crafted with two jars of spices and a bottle of water per unit.


  • Billy is known for his Bloxy Cola addiction.