• ModernLuiz

    To loleris, if loleris isn't here, this is for nettimato: Its been a while since my last activity here as I didn't play Roblox too. Now, I have joined back. My first game is obviously is TMM(not TMM2, I rather play MM2),and loleris abondened it. The useful buttons are disappeared(such as shop, specate).The queue too.

    I just don't get it, how could you give up all your gold? Those games are legend at past and you created a clone of MM2. About this wiki, nettimato are you sure you are working? You are going to be nearly as ignorant as loleris as builderman. You can ban me and delete this blog if you want, but I have to say I haven't give up for these!


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  • J-R5914

    Character upgrades

    February 11, 2018 by J-R5914


    alot of them are really clear

    Walkspeed: increases movement speed

    Walkspeed while scoping: increases movement speed while scoped as sniper

    Life Points: increases health

    Health Recovery: increases health earned that the player gets each time he/she heals

    Clip size: increases shots held in clip before you have to reload

    Reload Duration: often decreases reload time, letting the player not having to wait as long to fire again

    Body Damage: increases damage done by shooting legs and torso

    Headshot Damage: increases damage done by shooting head

    Projectile velocity: increases bullet/shot speed

    Accuracy: often decreases projectile scatter

    Projectile Drop: decreases bullet/shot arc

    Firing Rate: increases shooting speed

    Bullets Per Shot: increases the amount of…

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  • Xyldz

    Cortonith's Characters

    February 5, 2018 by Xyldz
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  • Xyldz

    Mad: Movie Posters

    February 3, 2018 by Xyldz
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  • Noobyrblx01

    this wiki is dead

    July 13, 2017 by Noobyrblx01

    admin is dead and other is dead

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  • Noobyrblx01

    admin if you see i create many page it mean i'm create the page which is not create yet and please don't ban me

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  • Noobyrblx01

    too many page to create omg

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  • Uncleltr (Luke)

    Well Fierzaa

    June 7, 2017 by Uncleltr (Luke)

    Is this enough evidence for ya?

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  • ModernLuiz

    Well since my Roblox Studio Launcher is Broken, I need someone help me do the characters.... (I will give the design)

    1)Bryan -Gender:Male -Skin:Normal -Hair:Charming Brown haired fellow -Face:Daring Beard -Hat:The Party(Face) -Shirt: -Pants:

    2)Sally -Gender:Female -Skin:Normal -Hair:Golden Anime Girl Hair -Face:Ghost Face -Hat:None -Shirt: -Pants:

    Currently just like that, if you helped me to do this, post the model link or picture in the blog comments section.

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  • PassTheToiletPaper

    I've went on several stints on why MPB2 does not hold up to it's predecessor, but I feel like it's time to finally put my words into something more solid and cohesive.

    Anyways, I really was excited for MPB2. The old game was broken, and it really seemed like a great time for a sequel to a game I really did love. The last updates loleris was pushing on the game were concerning to me. The "balancing" update threw me off some of my main characters, such as Adriel and Drew. It also removed some key characteristics that made other characters fun to play as, namely Julie and Red.

    I'm glad it did open me up to playing as other characters I rarely used, such as Lara and Cupcake. However, that doesn't excuse the fact that I still miss running around …

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  • BangJang96


    May 16, 2017 by BangJang96

    I'm bayak, homeboys and girls. When I heard bout TMM 2, I knew I had to come back. But why didn't I in the first place you ask?

    Apparently I couldn't do anything. I couldn't edit, comment, post, etc. Was I banned or something? 

    Otherwise, I'm back.

    And net I know you just LOVE IT when I ask this buttttttttttt...

    • gulps








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  • Uncleltr (Luke)

    • I am excluding the Stock Knife because what's the point of including it, and do you really care if it's excluded or not?
    • I will be ranking these knives by tier:
    (0) Trash
    (1) Bad
    (2) Meh
    (3) Decent
    (4) Good
    (5) Great
    • There's 54 opinions in this blog, and I can almost guarantee you're going to disagree with at least one of them, so don't get too mad.
    • I will be ranking these by design, effect, and overall if it's worth it or not.

    Well without further ado, here's my ranking for EVERY knife in this game.

    I don't think I have never seen anyone use this knife, and if I have then I don't remember it, and if it's ever been used it was in a test server. There's just no reason for this to exist since the Money Knife is already there. It's effect is boring, and…

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    roblox stuff

    January 10, 2017 by REMUSLUPIN120

    has anyone else been constantly getting friend requests from these two 'girls' with the same bio and simular names? ive blocked them but they still send requests

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  • BangJang96

    Oh goodness, another BroJang blog post. This should be interesting...

    Nope, this is a serious blog post. Addressing how I've been. Its not any of your guys fault. Its just life problems. 

    Anyways, here goes...

    Lets go back to nearly a year ago, on the night of January 13....

    After a nice Scout meeting, we drove home one cold Wednesday night on January 13, 2016. I snuck my phone into my bed, about to watch some Uncle Dane, when my Dad came in. He told us our kitten had died. He was ran over. His name was Thor. He was a sweet little kitten, who didn't even get to turn 1 yet. 

    I wanted to get to the point, because I want to hit the sack as soon as possible. But anyway, I've been shanking everyone, because of one thing;

    THe 13th is almost coming up …

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  • BangJang96

    MPB 2 is out

    I honestly think it has its flaws. Like how you start out. I still would've prefered if you added characters. I love the guns though. So smooth. I wish there was more then 1 map though.

    Oh, and sorry I just disappeared after promising to not be on a hiatus. I forgot I was going to DisneyLand. But, I'm back whatever. 

    Also happy new year despite being 4 days late.

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    December 23, 2016 by REMUSLUPIN120


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  • Erikah Mabayo

    Fanmade Characters 101

    November 13, 2016 by Erikah Mabayo

    Ay, you're fine of making a FC, eh? Also, if you want a good FC (of what I mean is Fanmade Character, which is the most common term that was on some forum I was on) on the good side, here's what it goes.

    Some characters are rather popular speaking from advance techniques (Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, etc...), such as some of what I may have done on ROBLOX Studio then placing on the page, and some other forgotten ones.

    In order to make your very first FC, use ROBLOX Studio and use a green neon block as a background, then if you're done just you can save your work if you want to revise it later on or if you serve it as your workplace for your portraits later. If you're done saving or you decided not to save your work, here…

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  • BangJang96

    The MAD Movie- Trailer

    November 12, 2016 by BangJang96

    (Cue Trans-Siberian Orchestra- Carol of the Bells)

    • the ground is shown. It is snowy, and snowflakes are slowly falling on the ground. As the camera rolls up, we see bloody knives stuck in the snow.*
    • We here a voice* I may not know you at all that well. I have only asked for help. Help, that the universe could be saved. Every day, every night, the dark shadows develop in my mind. People we love, people we cherish, could die. And we can't let that happen. Something that could kill us all....

    ...Something with whiskers. (chuckles)

    This Christmas....

    • We see Toms hand reach out for a spam knife. He inspects it, and nods his head. He slips it away in his jacket.*
    • We see Gordon walking out of the bathroom. Gun and knife in his hands. From the hall way,…

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  • Little Raichu Studios

    I'm new

    November 11, 2016 by Little Raichu Studios
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  • BangJang96

    Here she is!

    November 11, 2016 by BangJang96

    My first female character! 

    Name: Arlene

    Desc: As the captain of the cheerleader team, Arlene is constantly checking her phone, waiting for texts from her boyfriend. However, this makes it difficult to land a killing headshot, or to take cover from a murder.


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  • BangJang96

    Hey everyone. Its me, BroJang. New-comers may not know me, I use to be active on this wiki, before I left in May, due to MPB 2 being delayed, which, heh...drove me insane. 

    But regardless of my unintentional giggle, I am back. I seriously missed you guys, and this wiki. The amazing characters, the games, and the community in general.

    I was gonna join last month, but recently life has been hard. My cat, Loki ran away. And without him, I've been through a state of depression. He was one of my only friends around the house. When his brother Thor (yes, Loki and Thor so funny) died at the beginning of this year, I wanted to comfort him every moment of my life. But now hes gone...we don't even know if he is alive. It may not sound to bad, but pets…

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  • Erikah Mabayo

    What if...

    October 6, 2016 by Erikah Mabayo

    What if I may have done a new fan fiction related to Mad Studio characters, mixed up with my characters?

    Sucked there's no Fan Fic board here though

    Alright, no fanfics. Might get back to work by myself.

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  • Mydogtoby13

    In Mad murder you can't throw your knife which makes it easy for the Sheriff to kill you. Only the gun works 

    The same thing with mad games to you can't throw your knife which makes mad games unplayable 

    In Mad paint ball the screen is too small so I can't tell how much credit I have. Plus you can't scope which sucks 

    Oh and I forgot. THE SCREEN IS TOO SMALL FOR ALL MAD GAMES! Heck even a murder game called assassin you can throw your knife 

    How do you add mobile support go on the Roblox wiki it called 


    Note: It my opinion it not assault

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    How to Model

    September 7, 2016 by REMUSLUPIN120

    How do you make a humanoid model in roblox studio on a windows (not sure if computer effects look of studio) computer and add clothes and hats? I can never work out how to do it and all tutorials are outdated.

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  • MrsPavlovski

    So uh hi, im Chiara and im playing roblox.. When im playing, i like to visit games from Mad Studio. My favorite has to be The Mad Murderer.

    Lets be honest: Everyone has a favorite character :P Mine would be Larry. I dont know why, maybe its the design, or the face..

    And let me tell you a little secret: There was this time i would have a chrush one of the characters.I know what you are thinking.. And I KNOW, these are fictional characters. .-. But what am i saying, i already had the biggest chrush on Larry, ugh. Call me a crazy Fangitrl if you want, but i still freak out when i get to be larry :D.

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  • Jakeirt


    July 14, 2016 by Jakeirt
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  • Uncleltr (Luke)

    Hello. As you guys probably know, BroJang has been on a hiatus from this Wiki. He wanted me to tell you guys why he has been inactive through this forum post:

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  • ModernLuiz

    Here you go

    Axel: Duke: Eliah: Ethan: Garry: Jimmy: John: Mike: Steve:

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  • ModernLuiz

    Mine was

    Alfonso: Ingvar:  Ray:

    To see maore,enter my roblox profile's Inventory! Mine account is ModernLuiz.

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  • MarioCP

    Mad Games updated

    June 30, 2016 by MarioCP

    As a reason, now Mad Games is Summer Mad Games! No more glitches out of maps (idk yet) 


    I like Tom, and sometimes I play as him.

    The apple stamp has went near the Mad Secret! (which was /die (number) 

    You need like 3 players (+ you) to get the Apple stamp! 

    It is challenging because other people want to get it so, try your best!

    I hope you enjoy!

    @MarioClubP12 For Twitter

    MemberPenguin CPPS for Facebook

    MarioClubPenguin for ROBLOX

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  • BangJang96

    Siblings can create special bonds, arguments, or even teamwork, and today, 2 twins go head to head to head to head for true superiority.

    Tony and Paul, the brown haired brothers And Jen and Sarah, the bunny sisters.

    Now for this fight, we will be sticking to each contestants bare essentials, only what is unique to them. I'm Gordon, and it's my job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

    Born as two brothers, growing up for these two brownsters was a common thing with jealousy, arguments, apologies you get it. Tony being the oldest (my head canons)m and Paul being the younger one. Tony didn't want Paul to learn paintball, because he judges his brother to much, so tony had his own paintball gun. Ton…

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  • BangJang96

    Gordon is back!

    May 22, 2016 by BangJang96

    Sorry for me bein gone. To much stuffs been happening but anyway, here's some future stuff;

    1. New death battle between the 8 mini guns.

    2. Civil War was a good movie

    3. Mpb 2 is Gud

    4. Anything I missed?

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  • Hulk628

    My ROBLOX account

    May 15, 2016 by Hulk628

    Hey everyone! Check out my roblox acount! It is the same name as my wikia acount. Just search Hulk628 in PEOPLE. I have an epic tail. :D

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  • OrangeJackster9191

    After many strong fights with Trojan, my account is back! I will be less annoying and......

    JACKSTER/JAY IS DEAD!!!!! THIS IS MY NEW MAIN: Jace. More similar to me in real life. Kinda like Walter and nettimato.

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  • CelestialCheese

    RIP Tix

    April 27, 2016 by CelestialCheese

    Rest in pepperonis



    666 - 2016

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  • Landgamer99

    anyone knows this?

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  • BangJang96

    My fan made chars

    April 22, 2016 by BangJang96

    I'm bored now. I can do this. Because I can.

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  • BangJang96

    Fan made characters

    April 20, 2016 by BangJang96

    A lot of contributors and people have asked this, but CAN there be a fan made character page? It could just be a page for fun....because there have been some fan made characters coming around here and than, and maybe we should admire them! Even if there not in the games. Can we please have this happen? If not, I'm fine with that, but just a curiousity. Also, here have been the fan made characters on this wiki;

    Scout (me) Dessa (wikiastudio) Jackster (OrangeJackster) Milo (shmmufhero is that how u say it?) Arlene (me) Luke (JeeperCreeper) Pinky (wikiamadstudio) James (REMUSLUPIN120) Erika (OrangeJackster) Bob (darkest ninjas) Troy (cosmicCOOLdude)

    Idk the rest, but there's still more. If there is tell me plez. We should have a page for this.

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  • Shmuffhero


    April 19, 2016 by Shmuffhero

    Ye, so I was just watching how to do the tix to robux trading tip, and I was just checking the code to see how it worked. Then my account got stolen about a couple of weeks later. It's been about a month since then. ;-; q—q Q.Q WHY?!?!?!1!!1111!!!!!//1!1! QUUAUUUUAUAUUAck auakquaiquakwuskajwquak WHAT DA QUACK!!!! I QUACKIN SAY WUT DA QUACK. All the hours and days spent on MPB getting all those characters. All my clothes q-q. Idk if I should quit guys. Wut do I do, cuz I don't want to play ROBLOX anymore cuz my account was stolen.

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  • BangJang96

    This special episode of death battle was suggested by OrangeJackster.

    They're the biggest rivals in the Mad Studio history, and are still going on war. But fans question...who is superior? Julie? Or Summer? That is a case for me, Gordon to solve. 

    Julie, Dennis's true love

    and Summer, the boot camp trainee

    Since this battle is like Goku vs Superman, we will go from the origin of these 2 characters, and its my job to acknowledge each contestants powers, skills strength, weapons, and armor to find out who would win.....a DEATH BATTLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Julie and Dennis have known each other since CHILDHOOD, and have been best friends...until when Julie was being bullied by lil' Billy, and his friends, Dennis stoo…

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  • Uncleltr (Luke)

    Using that logic:

    • Pokemon Brick Bronze would be a ripoff of Project Pokemon
    • Epic Minigames would be a ripoff of Ripull Minigames
    • The Quarry would be a ripoff of Epic Mining 2
    • High School Life would be a ripoff of Roblox Highschool
    • Survive the Disasters would be a ripoff of Natural Disaster Survival

    People really need to know the difference between a copy, and an insparation.

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  • BangJang96

    :D: :D:D:D:D:D:D:

    April 8, 2016 by BangJang96

    Its meh b day today. high hopes in da future :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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  • BangJang96

    You guys wanna know what I do sometimes to troll, or to make live action fan fics? I like to use dukes dead body as a toy for me. Here how it started:

    During Ocotober last year, I was the sheriff, sitting in a room, and there were dead bodies in it. Duke, Francis, Gordon, rose, Julie, Chazz, and Lara. I see dukes dead body, and his butt is sticking out and his head is facing that way. Then I chatted, making it look like duke was messing with me, and he wouldn't talk, and I shot his dead body a lot and a lot. Since then, I've seen him dead a lot and I play around with it. Then it gave me an idea. In my head canon, duke is a pervertish mastermind that possesses bodies, and trolls people, and makes deep faces. I don't hate duke at all. It only…

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  • WhackAttack34


    March 28, 2016 by WhackAttack34

    Hello there! I am new to this wikia, but I know a loooooooooot about mad studio. I had another account and my name was RAINBOWZLER. I changed my name because I..... My avatar in ROBLOX is Drew. Honestly, I am not THAT far in mad paintball. My highest character is Henry. My Anna is at level 99 max and Henry is I think about 34 or 43. Please don't take me as a bad person because I just want to fit in with you guys as a fan of Mad Studio.


    My favorite character is Drew

    My brother is BroJang96

    My LEAST favorite character from is John



    5. Larry 4. Nick 3. Jack 2. Luis

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  • BangJang96

    This episode of death battle was suggested Tehblakedeath, thank you for the suggestion.

    They're funny, and lazy guys, who may not be strategist, but have a little experience, and do the weirdest stuff to get what they desire. (Research comes from canons, wiki info, and fan fics, etc.)

    Arnold, the guy who always needs a vacation.

    And, Fabio, the hilarious, bi sexual pervert.

    I'm BroJang96, and its my job to analyze their weapons, skills, armor, and strength to find out who would win, a DEATH BATTLE!

    When murdering people in the face or stalking your crush gets old, you NEED a vacation. However, Arnold thinks he needs a vacation all of the time. Arnold is a lazy man who thinks he needs a vacation everyday, and constantly goes on them. His style of …

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  • BangJang96

    You think you've seen cute? You ain't seen nothing yet! Between all the cuddliness, and cuteness, these 2 cuties might also be deadly monsters deep down inside... [Note: Research comes from canons, websites, and info pages.]

    Kat, the fluffy feline who loves uncicorns

    And, Cupcake, the friendly little girl, who has a big imagination.

    Im BroJang96, and its my job now to analyze thier weapons, armor, skill, & strength to find out who would win,


    Kat's origin is a mystery, but looking at her outfits and skill can give us a logic on her in genreral. Kat is a ferocious feline who has an incredible name for a "New OP machine" -AkariSultan. She is one of the toughest shotguns in MPB, and gets massive kill streaks everytime! Kat has massi…

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  • BangJang96

    [Comment sections fill up with Mad Games] Ok ok, keep your Mad pants on! The Following Trailer is rated H for honest [screen fades] From lawleris...l-looleris? laleris? From...not 7...9? OH COME ON! Comes the awesome sequel to Mad Murderer, that spiked up levels proving Twisted Murder F***KING sucks. Mad Games! Suit up for another murder game that no one expected, but still everyone loves, with the same kinds of logics from TMM like; people who dress up to look cool, character fanboys, easter eggs, and classic map genres. Instead of disguising yourself as some of the most awesome and bad *** characters, be your stupid ugly self, as you constantly get targetted from haters, which also gives celebrity robloxians a good …

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  • BangJang96

    Hey guys Gordon/BroJang here. So I was playing Injustice Gods Anong us (the DC hero and villain game for those who don't know it), and I check my phone for any Roblox feed on Mad Legion, and then, it comes to me. What if the Mad Studio crew were DC heroes and villans? I made it, Project Mad Injustice! So, here are the characters on who they'd be:



    Wonder Woman-Angel

    Green Lantern-Drew

    Green Arrow-Harry




    The Flash-(undecided yet)

    The Joker-Nick

    Harley Quinn-Summer



    Lex Luthor-Henry


    Solomon Grundy-Kelgo


    Killer Frost-Helen


    Black Adam-Jeff





    And the ultimate edition characters:


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  • Xyldz

    Because I can

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  • OrangeJackster9191

    Fanmade Jay Page

    February 23, 2016 by OrangeJackster9191

    Jay is one of the new Mad Paintball 2 characters. He is known to be very childish and brave, but loves his toys. He is trying to become an illustrator for his stories. He has spiky brown hair, a black backpack, an orange school shirt, an undershirt, black pants and black and red shoes with a white bottom. He is known to use a rifle. He is very similar to Susan. the only differences are that his walkspeed is 18.4 and clip size is 41.

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