Blaze was born in the depths of the Earth's core, emerged on the surface from a volcano eruption. [Unfortunately], he realized he feels cold and [his] failed attempt to return home cost him some hair.
Blaze's Mad Paintball description

Blaze mpb

Blaze True

Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 140 HP
Walk Speed 18
Max Damage 15-25
Clip Size 30
Fire Rate 6 Shots/s
Requirements Playtime:
  • 11 h. 40m.

Total Kills:

  • 420

Character Total Level:

  • 10
Cost 90,000 credits

Level 25

  • +4% Life Points

Level 50

  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 75

  • +7% Body Damage
    +4% Headshot Damage

Level 99

  • +20% Distance Effect

Blaze is an unlockable rifle character in Mad Paintball.


Blaze has black pants with orange belts hanging on it, light orange shoes and an orange t-shirt, an orange vest and a black tie. His hair is black and orange and he has the :D face. He is noted of having two hair accessories instead of one.

Paintball Abilities

  • His paintball gun has little to no spread, but his paintballs are extremely heavy and difficult to arc properly on long ranges. It can be useful for shooting over walls, however.
  • He has a very fast reload.
  • His health recovery is also better than an average rifler's health recovery. Since he has slightly less health than average riflemen like Peter, his health reaches its limit quickly.
  • He is the fastest Rifler at Level 50, alongside some other Riflers.


  • His Level 99 bonus DO NOT increase his damage long range, it does decrease it!
  • His fire rate was increased from 3.5 to 6 Shots per second, and his walk speed increased by 4 (14 to 18) during the character stats update, but scoring hits at afar won't increase the damage, similar to Walther, which also lost that ability.
  • During the December update, Blaze burned his pants, & still doesn't wear any, might be explained with that he can't go home & take a new pair.
  • Blaze's 99 upgrade before the December 2015 update had reduced his maximum damage from far range from 42 to 37.
  • Blaze has some similar (if not exact) abilities to Former Red. Having a reload at similar speed, as well as matching Former Red's Walkspeed, which were the same even after both were upgraded.
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