Balloon Hunt
Balloon Hunt
is a gamemode in Mad Games.


Normal green balloons and pink heart balloons spawn in random places around the map off-ground. Players are given a brief moment to relocate themselves for improved aim, before they are given knives. Players' task is to hit as many balloons as possible before timer or balloons run out. The player or players with the most points win the largest experience and coins prize. The knives do absolutely nothing against players in this gamemode.


  • This gamemode is always played on its unique map, the Pool.
    • This map was once a Free For All map in the very early stages of Mad Games.
    • This is also one of the first maps added to Mad Games.
  • Balloon Hunt's icon depicts Tom struggling with red balloons, although in-game, red balloons are absent.
  • If all players die before any balloons are popped, endgame summary says "No balloons were harmed :("
  • You are able to stand on the balloons.