"Axel is a very mysterious individual when it comes to paintball. People say his uncanny ability to blox people flawlessly is a result of hacking. He denies any accusation of the kind."
- Axel's Jury Rigging description

Axel mpb


Character stats
Class Sniper
Life Points 60 HP
Walk Speed 13
Max Damage 100-325
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 2 Shots/s
Requirements Unavailable
Cost 0 Credits

Level 25

  • +10% Body Damage

Level 50

  • +4% Walk Speed

Level 75

  • +6% Projectile Velocity

Level 99

  • -10% Reload Duration

Were you looking for Axel in The Mad Murderer instead?

Axel is an exclusive sniper who can only be used if the player bought the mystery box gamepass for 400 Robux.


Axel is a white male who wears a grey baseball cap, a textured rusted grey bandanna covering his mouth, a brown and grey jacket buttoned up with only one button, a grey sweater underneath, dark slacks, and black shoes. His look was based off Aiden Pierce from Watch Dogs.

Paintball Abilities

  • Axel never unscopes to reload. This was inspired by the Team Fortress 2 weapon, Hitman's Heatmaker.
    • However, after the character update, Adriel shares this feature.
  • Axel does 80 damage on quick-scoping which is enough damage to kill almost all snipers, excluding a higher-level Walther.

Gameplay Tips

  • Like most snipers, Axel is vulnerable to ambushes. In close-range situations, he has a very low chance of survival.
  • Find places where you are covered, yet can see far and wide. This makes it easier for you to prevent enemies from advancing, forcing them to take a detour.
    • Beware of counter-snipers and riflemen. No matter how good of a camping spot you have or how many bodyguards you have, your protectors cannot prevent quick death on headshot or few accurate rifle shots without obstructing your own view.
  • As expected, zoomed in headshots are a key mechanic to all snipers.
  • Get used to leading your target. Despite the great projectile velocity, it does not hit your target instantly. It is immune to damage drop and gravity, however.
    • Don't use Axel if you are playing on touchpad devices. You cannot access your scope, so you are unable to take advantage of headshots and damage increments.
  • Since Axel doesn't unscope for reloads, he doesn't have to worry about usual snipers' quick-scope distorting glitch.


  • As of the current update, Axel cannot be bought by any means (along with Adam).
  • Axel's paintball picture depicts him holding a tablet. Aiden Peirce from Watch Dogs, the video game character in which Axel is based off, uses his tablet to hack, which further implies their connection.
  • His fire rate was once 0.5, but got changed in the December update.
  • Axel might as well have the illusion of infinite ammo, as his fire rate matches a Shotgun's normal fire rate (As well as Julie's Former Fire rate in-fact), and has 1 shot per clip.
    • If there is an excuse for this being false, is that Axel does not possess infinite shots because he is in the Sniper Class.
    • The other excuse is that he does not have a silent reload. (Which Ben still has despite his long reload.)
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