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Anna tp

Character stats
Class Shotgun
Life Points 115 HP
Walk Speed 19
Max Damage 108-120
Clip Size 8
Fire Rate 2.4 Shots/s
Requirements * Own Character Tony
  • Reach Level Total: 20
Cost 45,000 Credits/150 Robux

Level 25

  • +30% Lethal Distance

Level 50

  • +13% Projectile Velocity

Level 75

  • +5% Walk Speed
  • -17% Reload Duration

Level 99

  • +22% Accuracy

Anna is an unlockable shotgunner class character in Mad Paintball.


Anna is a hipster-like female who wears a Sk9r Boi hat, black shutter shades, Black and Red hair, a silver one shoulder shirt, a silver bracelet, a studded armband, black shorts, and black and white sneakers.

Anna, in the picture of her in the Menu, has actually a Mr. Chuckles face. But when the player chooses Anna, she has the default smile.

This is due to the fact that the creator incorrectly named the face decal. (Face, instead of face. It is case sensitive!)

Paintball Abilities

  • Her damage drop is a little weaker as she can still deal a decent damage from far distance which means she has good range. Anna also has great accuracy for a shotgun class & most of her level bonuses make her range more lethal.
  • Pretty fast health recovery because her health is below average
  • She has a slow reload speed, but is further increased in level 75.


"Anna is a social party girl, who often sneaks out unannounced. These misadventures do not come without consequences, she frequently forced to witness crimes on her stroll outside!"


  • In Anna's paintball portrait, Jack can be seen dancing on the left of the picture.
    • Dennis and Julie are dancing. (see right)
    • Nick can be seen in the back, as the DJ.
  • Her health got nerfed from 130 HP to 115 HP during the character stats update so she cant live many shots. Her damage also got lowered but her fire rate was buffed.
  • Anna is Flinn's younger sister.
    • This is confirmed by Flinn's description.
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