Adam mpb


Character stats
Class Minigun
Life Points 190 HP
Walk Speed 14
Max Damage 18
Clip Size 160
Fire Rate 15 Shots/s
Requirements "Mystery Game Box" Game Pass
Cost 0 Credits

Level 25

  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 50

  • +5% Life Points

Level 75

  • +13% Clip Size

Level 99

  • +6% Headshot Damage
  • +6% Body Damage

Adam is an unobtainable Minigun class character in Mad Paintball.

He appears in the character selection screen under Unv. unless the player has the now off-sale Mystery Box game pass once sold on The Mad Murderer.


Adam is an Asian male.

He wears an ancient grey Japanese ninja suit, a white cat design on his left breast of his robe, a silver belt, tan shoes, a blue cowl, a black ninja mask, and a big grey and brown sensei hat with spikes protruding and purple ribbons dangling from it.

Adam has the :] face.

Paintball Abilities

  • Adam has the largest ammo capacity in the game, but also incredibly long reload time.
  • Adam has low damage like Dennis but Adam's effective range is good which is also similar to him.
  • Adam ranks 3rd in lowest Minigun health (1st-Kelgo, 2nd-Dennis, 4th-Lilly).
  • Adam is the fastest Minigun user in the game alongside Duke.
    • Adam gains higher Walkspeed at Level 25, until Duke reaches Level 75, in which they have matched Walkspeeds.
  • As of the Character Stats Update, with all Minigunners maxxed out, Adam is left with the second slowest Fire Rate in the Minigun Class.


"[Mystery Box EXCLUSIVE] Adam is an intriguing case of a warrior; Occasionally he spends hours completely silent, standing perfectly still. The other times he comes in guns crying for their ludicrous overuse."


  • Adam's icon is the first time he is not seen either AFK or dead in the official artwork.
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