Adam is an intriguing case of a warrior; Occasionally he spends hours completely silent, standing perfectly still. The other times he comes in guns crying for their ludicrous overuse.
- Adam's Jury Rigging description
Character Information
Gender Male
First Debut The Mad Murderer
Status Active
Jury Rigging Statistics
Type Secret Character
Unlocked by Absent Badge (JR)
Voiced by TBD
Mad Paintball Statistics (expand)
Mad Paintball Statistics (collapse)
Class Minigun
Health 190 HP
Walk Speed 14
Max Damage 18
Clip Size 160
Fire Rate 15 Shots/s
Requirements "Mystery Game Box" (Unavailable)
Level 25 + 3% Walk Speed
Level 50 + 5% Life Points
Level 75 + 13% Clip Size
Level 99 + 6% Damage

Adam is one of the original characters from The Mad Murderer, who also appears as a secret minigun class character in Mad Paintball, as a tier 5 character card in Mad Games and as a secret character in Jury Rigging.


Adam is an asian male who wears a set of Japanese-styled clothes, consisting of Fetaforger Pants, Nachoninja Shirt, Wonky the Cat T-Shirt, Mysterious Wanderer cowl, Ninja Mask of the Shadows, and Shade Samurai hat.


Adam is a Japanese warrior with an odd quirk of freezing in place and remaining silent for hours at a time. It is currently unknown whether it is caused by meditation or medical conditions, but it is officially considered being AFK (Away From Keyboard). While not in a paralyzed state, he shows formidable battle wrath. He has a lot of good luck, as many thumbnails depicted him being unharmed by ongoing danger by simply having frozen just outside the center of the hazardous events.

Paintball Abilities

  • Adam has the largest ammo capacity in the game, but also incredibly long reload time.
  • Adam has low damage like Dennis but Adam's effective range is good which is also similar to him.
  • Adam ranks 3rd in lowest minigun health (1st-Kelgo, 2nd-Dennis, 4th-Lilly).
  • Adam is the fastest minigun user in the game (tied with Duke). Though, they both have the same walk speed even after their speed boosts.


  • Due to the Mystery Game Pass being unavailable, it is impossible to get Adam on Mad Paintball (along with Axel) at this moment.
  • Adam's Mad Paintball icon is the first time he is not seen either AFK or dead in the official artwork.
  • In Jury Rigging, he automatically appears in player's inventory if they have the Absent badge, awarded by confirming your loadout after the spawn forcefield has already expired.
  • There is no unique Jury Rigging voice set for him yet.
  • Adam is a roblox toy as a core pack, in the Action Series 4 wave.
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